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In my beloved country, Ghana, the President has done the best he knows how. He's called for lockdown, fumigation and today, a national prayer. For this, we must admit, that we are very proud and grateful for his efforts. Some may disagree because it's without doubt, that we always push everything to the government to solve. But this time, we are afraid to state, that the government alone cannot solve all our problems. Ladies and Gentlemen, if we truly want to win against covid-19, then we must fight together. Meaning more hands must get involved.
Permit us to break the whole concept down. With a total of 93 covid-19 cases in Ghana, one can say this number is very manageable. Now the country needs more respiratory apparatuses than ever. We must not wait for the number of cases to escalate. In Hamburg alone, a city in Germany for instance, 640 respirators have been provided and this number would be doubled soon. No wonder there aren't many death cases like in Italy or Spain. They're very equipped. But you see, these respirators were not financed by the state alone. Rich men, religious bodies and sportmen and women donated huge sums to help acquire them. R. Lewandowski and his wife Anna alone donated €1 million to the course in Munich. The German National Team has donated €2.6 million. In Spain, Guardiola and Lionel Messi donated €1 million each to the city of Barcelona. In Portugal C. Ronaldo and Mendes have also donated €1 million for the provision of the needed equipment. More people are donating but we mention just these names because they easily ring a bell. As we speak, in Germany it is not lack of equipment the country faces but personnel. Those without money are also volunteering to deliver food to old people in quarantine.
Of course it would be absurd to compare both continents. But all we intend to convey this time, is that African celebrities, pastors, rich men and women can come together to also donate to help us acquire respirators. We don't know how many our beloved country has but very soon we shall need them to save lives. Remember, this virus is no respector of persons. Both the rich and poor can acquire it. So we are doing nobody a favour by giving a helping hand.
God bless you, everybody. Stay safe!

Post Source : Kenandrew Educational consults