Shocking video shows a Dallas-area stripper hit her face hard on the floor after plunging from a pole during a performance - but she kept on twerking despite a broken jaw, chipped teeth, and a sprained ankle.

Video of the accident posted on social media over the weekend shows Genea Sky, a stripper at the XTC Cabaret in Dallas, performing before an audience.

Sky climbed some 20ft atop a stripper pole while doing her maneuvers before she took a violent plunge.

Video shows her landing face-first on the stage, which is lit in various colors.

Despite the violent plunge, Sky immediately continued to perform her routine.

On her Instagram account, Sky tearfully thanked social media users who sent her well wishes after the video clip showing the fall went viral

Originally I didn’t plan on posting about this situation at all,’ Sky said in the video while wiping away tears.

‘But obviously the video has gone viral and I’m getting a lot of messages asking me if I’m ok.

‘I pretty much broke my jaw and I have to have surgery on it [on Monday].

‘I broke some teeth and I got a sprained ankle and I got some stitches.

‘Aside from that, I’m good.’

Sky said she was grateful that her injuries weren’t worse.

‘I have no broken limbs,’ she said. ‘I walked away myself.

‘I got up right after it happened, and I’m just really overwhelmed by all the messages.’