Cast out the "Marlian Spirit” it is a brand new virus - Church lunches one month prayer

A church situated in Surulere, Lagos, hosted a deliverance function set to last for one month with the aim of banishing “The Marlian Spirit.”
The notice by the church known as HOT stated that a deliverance function will be held every Sunday in the month of February.

The function is to eradicate the “brand new virus” known as “the Marlian spirit.”
According to their notice, remedy is assured to those already living with the virus (marlian spirit)

The notice reads:

Are you a Marlian?
Here is:
what you must know
How you must respond
How to be free

Trying to paint a picture of the Marlian spirit, the Church included in its notice :

“It’s sweeping through the land, it’s creeping into our colleges and homes, it’s turning daughters against mothers and sons against fathers. Millions are hooked to this poison.”